Amber Website Design and Marketing provides a large range of services. By working together with you, Amber can help you decide which services and features you may or may not need for your website. Also visit the Pricing Page for package samples.

Custom Website Design
•  Logo design service, customized favicon
•  Eye-catching, customized homepage with pages to match. Layout, photos, and themed colors/fonts, plus:
Header with custom background image; rotating slideshow(s) with images (custom or stock) and/or customer testimonials; action buttons with content, colors/images, and/or links; social media link buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc); blog posts; videos and other media; custom forms for uses such as online appointments, registration, contact requests, quizzes/polls, etc.; site search field; footer with contact info, links, sponsored ads, etc.
•  eCommerce – Use your website for an online store! These can range from simple to complex:
Product catalog with images (can also include virtual and downloadable purchases), a shopping cart page, and a checkout page with various payment gateways so you can accept payments via credit/debit card, PayPal, electronic check, etc., including SSL.
•  Multi-device functionality – site looks great and works on any device (PC, iPhone, tablet, etc.). Optional: Simplified version of site just for mobile users
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Why? Because even the world’s most beautiful website won’t do you any good if your customers will never find it!
•  Effective SEO service to bring your website to the top results when your customers are searching
•  Results achieved through industry-related keyword and phrase research, then applied to your site’s headers, titles, meta tags, and content
•  Distribution to other sites and submission into Google Maps
•  Thorough analysis and detailed reports to track results
•  Create relative, professional content for your site, with a strong focus on SEO
•  Edit existing content to get it site ready and enhanced for SEO
•  Domain name registration and email account(s) setup
•  Worry-free: FTP backup, 24/7 secure monitoring, unlimited storage/bandwidth, high-performance server
Site Maintenance
•  Administrative updates (i.e. programs, plug-ins, etc.)
•  Site fixes: sometimes gliches happen, a link may stop working due to another site changing, etc.
•  Minor page changes: businesses often adjust their hours or a price, or need a email address changed
•  Major site changes: if a does a remodel and needs a new slideshow gallery added, wants a product featured on the homepage, etc.
Website Remodel
•  For the existing website that needs a few tweaks… or maybe a complete overhaul!  All of the customized options and services above can be utilized.

Note: This is a summary and does list not every service offered by Amber Website Design; please feel free to contact Amber with any inquiries.